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The Variety of Graphic Erotic Flash Games

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Erotic context is something that developers add to usual flash games, which creates a proper mood of the game. For example, if this is a poker game, then the reward of each won round will be a girl who dances striptease, for example. Or, if this is a role game, you can play for a girl who needs to satisfy many colleagues to get the desired result in a career. Anyway, on our website, you can achieve a lot of pleasure by playing different erotic games. While now users get access to a huge variety of XXX Games on!, thirty years ago they paid a lot of money to play in the erotic games.

Wild Revenge – The First Graphic Erotic Game

The game called Wild Revenge was released in 1982. On the cover of the games of the company, there was an inscription “Swedish Erotica”, however, the games were developed in the USA. The main character is a naked cowboy with an erection who wants to have sex with a busty Indian woman. To see the scene of sex, the player had to walk to the right side of the screen dodging the hail of arrows. Nowadays, users get games with a more sophisticated interface, interesting graphic, and creative plot. However, thirty years ago users have not so much choice.

The game Wild Revenge caused a public outcry in the US. Women’s human rights organizations such as Women Against Pornography, as well as Native American activists, protested against the image in a rape simulation game, calling for a ban on the game. However, the developers sold almost eighty thousands of examples for fifty dollars each, before the market banned the game.