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Strategies of an excellent Romance Hero

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What is the secret to writing an excellent romance hero? Do women actually want to marry an alpha male? An innovator, who’s always out fighting the great fight or creating a billion-dollar business? Most likely not. Possibly the man of her dreams is home during the night helping using the dishes and also the baby. Reality might be one factor but women would also like just a little fantasy within their lives.

So, what’s he like, the wonderful, harmful, fantasy man who’s going to inhabit her world for a few days, or hrs, and steal her heart temporarily?

He’s bigger than existence. A prince, a millionaire, uniform, Chief executive officer etc. Each one is the stuff dreams are constructed with.

The romance hero is really a wondrous creature. He’s the person in our dreams he’s every woman’s fantasy in whatever guise he’s produced. The writer should be deeply in love with him or she’ll never do him the justice he deserves.

He is able to be macho, cocky, and brash and really should possess a flaw or more. He can also be really, terrible. Yummy! There is something in regards to a naughty boy, a rascal, or perhaps a rogue, that is endearing. There’s nothing endearing in regards to a hoodlum, however.

But whichever way he’s produced, you will find lines that the baddest of bad boys won’t mix.

Quite the hero isn’t a bully.

Quite the hero isn’t sadistic.

Quite the hero isn’t a killer.

Quite the hero won’t ever hit a lady, even when she hits him.

Quite the hero won’t ever hit a young child.

Quite the hero won’t ever kick the kitty.

Quite the hero is HEROIC.

Despite the fact that he’s arrogant, although usually only within the heroine’s opinion, underneath all his perceived cockiness he or she must have heroic characteristics. Included in this are integrity, honor, courage, dignity, empathy, selflessness, respect for those life, far more more besides. He’ll avoid a battle if he is able to, but when he can’t he’ll fight only in defence of what’s right and merely. He’s the main one supporting visitors to see a classic lady over the road, or climbing a tree to save children’s kitten despite the fact that he is affected with vertigo.


Romance authors frequently quote All Of The THE MOHICANS movie among the most romantic films ever. It sure made impression in it and Hawkeye was the epitome of the romance hero.