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10 great reasons to try online dating over 50

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Tempted by online dating but not sure where to start? Think it’s just for kids? Wrong! We’ve put together a whole list of reasons why online dating is perfect for over 50s to inspire you to take the plunge.

1) You’re in good company

Recent research carried out by the Office for National Statistics shows that you’re 20 times more likely to find a compatible match online than you are if you leave things to fate. The fastest growth in users dipping their toes into the online dating world is also the 50-plus age group.

2) You might just meet “The One”

Whether you’re just looking for some casual fun or something a little more serious, online dating has something for everyone – it also has a very good success rate. According to a recent Which? survey, one in five online daters saying they’ve either married someone they met online or know someone who has. Although attitudes to dating and technology use do vary across age groups, online dating has proven to be successful across a broad spectrum of age groups.

An elderly couple sit on a park bench. Over-50s are the fastest growing demographic to sign up to dating websites and apps in recent years.

3) It’s easier to meet people

This one kind of goes without saying, but with you really do have all sorts of people at your fingertips. In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union predicted that around 3.2 billion people, or around 50% of the world’s entire population, would have access to the internet by the end of that year. Of this number, around 2 billion would be from 3rd world and developing countries, including 89 million from the world’s poorest regions. That’s far more people than you’re ever likely to meet in the supermarket or the pub!

4) You can fit it in when convenient

When you decide to try dating online you can browse through potential dates, answer messages and chat away to people whenever you fancy. So, if you’re looking to kill a few minutes whilst waiting to pick up the grandkids or you’re out walking the dog, a world of potential new matches are right there waiting.

5) Your friends are probably doing it too

Worry you’re getting a bit long in the tooth for this sort of thing? No way! Check out any dating site and you’ll find over-50s in abundance. In fact, researchers have found that not only is this demographic growing rapidly, older people tend to be much more honest in how they come across. They often focus more on companionship and compatibility, rather than trying to impress people with a lot of boasting, which can only be a good thing.

6) It doesn’t cost the earth

Depending on which website or app you decide to use, you’re likely to need to pay a monthly subscription to use it. Many won’t charge you to join, but the fee will kick in when you want to contact someone. Others will allow you to send messages but charge you to read ones that other people have sent to you. Fees are usually anywhere between £10 and £50 a month, depending on which site and services you choose. But think about it like this – it’s likely to cost you much more to go on lots of nights out in the hope of meeting someone you like, so why not put that money to good use by increasing your chances online.

An elderly man uses his laptop. According to the ONS, internet use in the 65 to 74 age range has increased from 52% in 2011 to 78% in 2017

7) You’ll widen your social circle

As we get older it’s not always easy to get out and meet people. This means it can become much harder to find romance as we age. When we’re younger, we often find we meet all sorts of new people through work, friends and socialising. But as time goes on, family commitments, poor health, retirement and personal loss can all point to a distinct shrinkage of your social group. With internet dating, you don’t need to be relying on family and friends to get you introduced to potential suitors. Simply log on and get chatting to all sorts of people – and who knows where it might lead?

8) You can be choosy about who you speak to

With online dating, you can be much more selective about who you want to make contact with. When you look at someone’s profile you can see their details at glance, for example where they live, what they do/did for work and what their interests are. This means you’re much less ‘in the dark’ about what they’re like and you can choose to only make contact with people who seem to match your own values and lifestyle. After all, there’s no point in getting to the third date before finding out you’ve got totally opposing political views or that they plan to travel the world whilst you’re happiest at home. Obviously, it takes time to get to know a person properly but making your initial acquaintance online is certainly a great place to start.

9) You can make the perfect first impression each time you chat with someone

Online dating gives you the chance to think exactly what you want to say before you get in contact. This means you’re likely to feel more relaxed and prepared if you do decide to meet up as you’ll already have an idea of what makes each other tick.

10) It’s a chance to make new friends

Even if you don’t find the perfect person for you, chances are you’ll still meet some fascinating people along the way. There’s nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain!

Image Credits: Erika Wittlieb and PX Here